What We Support

Youth-Led Social Change

What it means to us:  Believing that young people have ideas, energy, and innovative solutions that deserve to be taken seriously and supported.

How it looks:  We focus on youth-led social change organizations that are grappling with issues and challenges—that affect all young people and will require collective action to resolve.


Youth Leadership

What it means to us:  A youth-driven approach that emphasizes collaboration, co-creation, shared responsibility, horizontal decision-making, and working with—rather than prescribing to—people and communities.

What it looks like:  We support strong leadership, but we’re not looking for the charismatic leader who will “show us the way.” We’re betting on youth-led organizations that value young people at all levels of their organization and culture.


Field Building

What it means to us:  Taking a leadership role in promoting and advancing innovative and effective approaches to—as well as the infrastructure that supports—youth-led social change occurring in communities, so they can be adopted more broadly.

How it works:  We advocate for our grantees, young people and the issues they’re addressing with other funders and serve as a thought leader on the importance of youth-led social change and philanthropy in the larger field.


Capacity Building

What it means to us:  Understanding that to have a long-term impact, youth-led organizations need more than financial resources to have a long-term impact; they also need help in meeting their fundraising, board development, strategic planning, staffing, and financial management goals.

What it looks like:  In addition to general operating support, we provide capacity-building funds for grantees to get the assistance they say they need the most.