Leadership Transition Grants

The Foundation began investing in the Leadership Transition grants in 2013, with funding to this group amounting to $255,000 to date. The Foundation builds close relationships with our grantees, which has afforded us the opportunity to work with leading youth-led social change organizations as they undergo the transition from one Executive Director to another. The Foundation’s Leadership Transition Grants are structured as 3-year general operating support grants that directly support grantees through an Executive Director transition, and are supplemented with annual technical assistance grants to be used towards consultant fees, leadership trainings, and other transition-related expenses.

The Foundation is currently in the third year of a three-year grant commitment, which began in 2013 with the following organizations:

Global Action Project (GAP)

Global Action Project (GAP)Global Action Project (G.A.P.) works with young people most affected by injustice to build the knowledge, tools, and relationships needed to create media for community power, cultural expression, and political change. G.A.P. utilizes media arts to support and foster the intersection of positive individual growth with collective engagement. Visit website »



Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, Inc.

Ifetayo Cultural Arts AcademyThe mission of Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy is to support the creative, education, and vocational development of youth of African descent in central Brooklyn. Visit website »

Youth United for Change (YUC)

Youth United for Change (YUC)Youth United for Change (YUC) is a youth-led, democratic organization made up of youth of color and working class communities, with the “people” and political power to hold school officials and government accountable to meeting the educational needs of Philadelphia public school students. Visit website »