APNC and VOYCE Students Win Major Legislative Victory to Address Exclusionary Discipline Practices in Chicago Public Schools

Voyce pic_2

Photo courtesy of APNC

Youth leaders from Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC) and throughout the city won a major victory this month as a landmark bill, SB2793, which addresses the overuse of school discipline practices, passed through the Illinois House and Senate.  This legislation will require all schools to make their data around suspension and expulsion rates available to the public, and requires school districts ranked in the top 20% of suspensions, expulsions, and racial disparities among discipline rates to create an improvement plan to change their disciplinary practices.  The passage of SB2793 comes after many years of advocacy work from youth and other community leaders in Chicago, who have long pushed for more transparency from schools around discipline practices and for the implementation of more restorative alternatives to suspension and other disciplinary policies.  SB2793 is a significant win for Chicago’s public school students, whose school system ranks among the highest in the country for suspension rates. Please click here to read APNC’s official statement about this legislation.

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