Our Grantmaking Strategy

The Cricket Island Foundation bases our grantmaking strategy on the following ideals, which are supported by the Foundation’s Board over decade-long experiences in grantmaking, the expertise of CIF staff, and philanthropic best practices:

  • Nonprofit organizations benefit from long-term support. The stability and confidence garnered from long-term, multi-year funding allows our grantees to focus their resources toward long-term growth rather than short-term fundraising. We have found that long-term funding allows organizations to better plan for the future, develop necessary infrastructure, grow strategically, and leverage other substantial grants.
  • General operating support is necessary and vital to the success of nonprofits. The funding for general operating support allows our grantees the flexibility to respond rapidly to urgent organizational or community needs. It also allows organizations to invest in organizational capacity that can increase sustainability and program effectiveness.
  • Capacity building is the basis of programmatic success and therefore overall impact. We recognize that great nonprofit programs require great organizations behind them. By investing in capacity building we are able to support the long-term sustainability of our grantees and therefore achieve more lasting result than if funding were limited to program-specific impacts.