Guiding Values

Cricket Island Foundation’s approach to grantmaking is grounded in the following values:


What it means to us: Honest communication with social change organizations, especially those that are youth-led, to ensure that their insights, feedback, and experiences- not our egos- guide our work. 

What it looks like: Being straightforward and transparent with grantees and encouraging them to be the same with us because we’re all learning together.


What it means to us: Sharing power and partnering with social change organizations because we know we can’t-nor should we- go it alone. 

What it looks likeWe don’t need to impose “our way” on our grantee partners because we trust them to do their work in ways they say will be most effective.



What it means to usBuilding relationships and linking youth-led social change organizations to people, resources, and other organizations that can help them succeed.
What it looks like: We identify and connect grantees with potential partners and resources that will help them achieve their goals. These relationships are “connective tissue” that grantees say can be as important to their work as financial support.



What it means to usBeing willing to embrace ambiguity and potential rather than certainty and convention.
What it looks likeWe take time to find youth-led efforts that are having an impact and deeply connected to their communities because this is where our resources can have the greatest impact. We don’t seek out organizations that are safe bets, but we don’t chase after the latest either.



What it means to usUnderstanding that young people are affected by many issues and have multiple identities that influence the ways they experience exclusion, as well as how they affect social change.
How it worksRather than focus on specific issues or programs, we look for ways in which organizations understand and embrace intersectionality as the framework within which to address diversity, equity, and inclusion.