Our Board and Staff

The Cricket Island Foundation board is comprised of three generations of family members and their spouses.  All board members have made a financial contribution to the Foundation, which is intended to empower them as vested board members who collectively define the Foundation’s direction. The board and staff currently include:

Board of Directors


  • Jeffrey Welles◊#, President and Chair
  • Cameron Miranda# and Maud Welles◊#, Vice Presidents and Grantmaking Committee Co-Chairs
  • Taylor Jordan, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Members at Large:

  • Luke Jernagan#
  • Brooke Jordan
  • Ginny Jordan
  • Nicole Jordan
  • Adam Miranda
  • Andrew Welles
  • Berkeley Welles
  • Chris Welles
  • Georgia Welles
  • Hope Welles Jernagan
  • Peter Welles◊#
  • Rene Welles

◊ = Finance Committee
# = Grantmaking Committee
⊗ = On Leave


  • Elizabeth Sak, Executive Director
  • Jenny Peters, Finance Manager
  • Leela van Balkom, Program Officer
  • Colette Eustace, Program and Operations Assistant